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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Willi or won't he?

Although Michael Schumacher's manager Willi Webber is "200%" sure that he won't, rumors persist that Ferrari will put the seven-time world champion back in a Formula One car to replace Massa. Given the recent performance of "old guys" Lance Armstrong and Tom Watson, this may not be a bad idea. First, it would give Formula 1 a real PR boost after a year of political silliness. Second, it will give Schumi a chance to prove himself against the new generation of drivers (Hamilton and Vettel). Finally, it would be a touching tribute to the student/teacher relationship that Massa and Schumacher had during their time together at Ferrari. I, for one, am for it.

UPDATE: Holy crap! He's back, baby! Just hours after I posted this Scurderia Ferrari confirmed that the winningest driver ever will substitute for Felipe Massa.

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