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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mystery Car of the Week

Who knows if this will be weekly or not, but let's pretend...

OK folks, time for the mystery car of the week. You'll only get a glimpse of a rare (by US standards) car. Please use the comments sections to post your guess. We'll start out with something fairly easy. Good luck!
UPDATE: And the winner is...the combo team of Suzanne and B Hill (and Google)...nice work guys.
It is indeed the ass-end of a Citroen BX. Sorry Suzanne and B, but until somebody starts paying me for this, the only prize I can offer is a half-empty bottle of Citroen hydraulic fluid.


  1. Nope...not an Audi. Good guess, though.

  2. Nice work Suzanne...you know me too well. However, you don't get off the hook that easy...which Citroen model is it?

  3. i knew suzanne was on the right track and thought it looked italian, so i confess, i googled it. didn't take long to find the BX from giugiaro...what do i win?