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Monday, July 13, 2009

Car Show Weekend

I had busy weekend of musical car seats in order to take the kids and the cars to a couple of different shows.

On Saturday we went to the Larz Anderson Auto Museum for the Micro/Mini Car day. As usual, this was a lively event with lots of people who are passionate about little cars. I took my Citroen 2CV, which although not tiny qualifies based on its 602cc two cylinder engine. There were plenty of cool Isettas (unfortunately now known as the Urkel car), Minis, Metropolitans and a few other 2CVs.

On Sunday, Gavin and I took the GTI to Lebanon, CT for the Connecticut VW club's annual summer meet. This was mostly an air-cooled affair. Frankly, I was a bit disappointed with the turnout...I expected a lot more cars. Anyway, we had fun checking out the amphibious 1943 Schwimmwagen and cool collection of campers, Beetles and Ghias. We also got to drive some great back roads through the Connecticut countryside.

For more photos of both events, please click here.

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