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Monday, May 16, 2011

First Love...

When I think about why I am a VW guy, a lot of it goes back to the day I bought my first car. Although I was an admirer of sporty European cars, if a 1984 Jetta GLI hadn't been on the lot that day, I might well be blogging about Hondas (which I guess I do a bit) or Mustangs (which I definitely don't).

The original Jetta GLI was a GTI with a trunk, but had the benefit of being built in Germany, unlike Mark 1 GTIs which were built in Pennsylvania. Accordingly, they had seats from the Scirocco and the dash from the Euro GTI, not the maroon or blue affairs from the US GTI. It was a great first car...enough power to make it fun, but not so much power to be dangerous. Good luck trying to find one today...most have been heavily modified or flogged mercilessly.

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